About Us

Asia is known for it cultural diversity and for its richness of its indigenous creativity. In the very region between the year 2500 and 1500 BC, the flourished one of the most well developed urban civilizations of the ancient world namely the Indus valley cities if Moenjodaro and Harappa.

The Indus valley people proposed a high standard of art and craftsmanship’s, reflected specially in the finesse they developed in the field of textiles. Cotton was cultivated on a wide scale and the richness of the Indus valley culture was woven into its threads in the skillful blends of art and industry  

In a era where the tools of production were primitive and technology limited the Indus valley civilization stood as testament to the endeavor and enlightenment of its people. Today in the same sprit of achievement, Hudson International sets standards of excellence in the textile industry much ahead of its age.

At Hudson International cotton is being converted into a variety of fabrics on the state of the art machines, Ingenious in design in which the diversity of a proud heritage leaves a strong imprint. Skilled hands are fashioning cotton into high quality products.

A Privately owned family company. Manufacturers and Exporters of Quality textile since last 13 years. State of the Art Plant and plant and machinery. Factory property is located in the in the heart of the oldest industrial area in Karachi, Pakistan.

As a testament of its high standard if quality Hudson International has been certified by IS0 9000, OKO-Tex 100, and WRAP

Our mission is commercial success with social and environmental responsibility and to be a responsible corporate citizen of the world.